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Beyond Cold Brew Coffee

BIRTH 2022 Co., Ltd. was spun off from Chiang Mai University by Dr. Jomkhwan Meerak, who has been conducting food research and development, especially the innovative process of coffee fermentation since 2018. Dr. Meerak is currently serving as the CTO and operating the company. The inaugural product, called Beyond Cold Brew coffee, is the first pure Arabican coffee that has health benefits and launches in a single-serving pocketable size. The coffee is produced from premium organic Arabica coffee beans in Chiang Mai, Thailand and fermented with Lactobacillus and Yeast to generate indulgent flavors and quality beyond that found in specialty coffees but also has the value added benefit of increased bioactive ingredients examined for beneficial medical functions in the laboratory. Brewed by a novel cold drip extraction process, the shelf life of this cold brew coffee extends up to 6 months without chemical preservation. At three times concentrated extraction that equal to expresso, you are being environmentally responsible as you enjoy your own creative personal coffee preference anywhere by dilution with water, milk, juice or whatever you like!

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